Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cassette 6: Side A

Finally Tony, who Clay had been driving around with pulled over in front of the house where that party was held.  Then Clay asked the question he had been trying to get answered since Tony told Clay that he had the second set of tapes.  Why?  Why Tony?  Tony told Clay that one day after school, Hannah came over to tony’s house.  He was outside working on his car, and she came by to give him her bike, the one she always rode to school.  He asked why she was giving it to him, to which she answered, because Tony’s old car always broke down, so she thought that he should have a backup.  As she said it she had tears start to stream down her face.  But Tony didn’t think anything of it.  Then she asked how Tony made his cassette tapes to play in his car.  He told her that his dad had an old tape recorder, she asked if he had anything to record voices, something that you didn’t have to plug in, that you could walk around with.  He said yes and then said that if she would wait he would go and get it.  He came out of his house, gave her the tape recorded and then she left.  The next day she wasn’t at school.  After school he called her house and no one answered, then he called her parents store asking if Hannah was there.  They asked if everything was ok because he sounded crazy, he jsut said that they probably should find out where she was.  That was the only reason that Tony could come up twith for Hannah leaving the second set of tapes with him.  He had helped her do the tapes in a way, so he got the second set.  He wasn’t anywhere on the tapes, but was still involved.  But back to the party.  After Hannah and Justin broke their awful stare, Hannah stumbled into the living room and grabbed the piano to steady herself.  Then she reached for the bench, and just sat.  She wanted to leave, but didn’t know where to go or how to get there.  She was too weak to walk, from everything that had happened.  Just then someone touched her shoulder, it was Jenny Kurtz, the cheerleader from the Oh My Valentine survey.  Jenny asked Hannah if she needed a ride home.  Hannah accepted gratefully, Hannah looped her arm through Jenny’s and allowed her to help her up.  Then they walked to her car, and Jenny gently lowered Hannah into the passenger seat, buckled her in and they left.  Hannah was in a fog, but when they hit the sign, Hannah woke right up.  The front passenger tire hit the curb, and hopped up on the sidewalk.  The car slid forward despite the brakes being pushed, they hit a stop sign, and the post snapped like a toothpick.  Jenny got out of the car to examine the damage.  She ran her hand over the dent, and then got back in the car.  The first thing Jenny said was, “Well this sucks.”  Then she tried to turn the key in the ignition.  But Hannah stopped her, she couldn’t let Jenny continue to drive.  Jenny said, “Hannah I’m not drunk.”  Hannah never accused her of being drunk, but she was curious as to why Jenny couldn’t seem to keep her car on the road.  Jenny’s excuse was that it was raining, but Hannah knew that it wasn’t raining hard enough to affect her driving that much.  Hannah asked Jenny to park the car, but Jenny didn’t want to listen, she said that no one obeyed that stop sign anyways, people would thank her.  Hannah asked again for her to park the car, she said that she would call someone else from the party and have them pick them up, and then the next morning Hannah would pick Jenny up and drive her to her car.  After a while Jenny got tired of Hannah trying to reason with her, so she told Hannah to get out.  Hannah asked to borrow Jenny’s phone so she could tell someone about the sign, but Jenny said no.  So she backed over the sign and sped away, leaving Hannah out in the rain, just standing looking at the crushed sign at her feet.  Jenny’s actions had repercussions that she never got in trouble for.  That night, when there was no stop sign, a teenage boy was trying to deliver his pizzas on time and another car, an old man was turning.  There was an accident and one of the drivers died.  No one knew who knocked down the stop sign, not the police, not the old man, but Jenny knew, and maybe her parents, and Hannah knew, and once again she could have stopped it.    The day of the kid’s funeral, the kids that went to school didn’t do anything, the teachers just gave them free time.  And during this free time Hannah began thinking of her own funeral, her own death.  That night Hannah walked around with no place to go not wanting to go back to the party, she just walked to escape herself.  She finally reached the gas station and used a pay phone to call the police.  When the operator answered, Hannah began to tell them where the stop sign was knocked over, and they cut her off, and told her to calm down.  It was then that she realized how hard she had been crying.  She was surprised to find out that Jenny had called the police, but the next day when everyone was talking about it, Hannah found out that it had not been Jenny who had called.  And the person who called, didn’t call to report a stop sign down, they called to report an accident.

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